Chukotia Bhunjia, one of the Primitive Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG) of Odisha, are found in Sunabeda plateau, roughly between 21° 25° North and 21° 30° north latitude and 82° 35° East longitude. It belongs to Komna block of Nuapada district wherein about 75 percent of the total population of this tribe lives. Nuapada is considered as the homeland of the Bhunjias. According to the tribe, the term "Bhunjia" means growing out of land or origin from the earth.The culture of this tribe very interesting. Bhunjias never use shoes to show their profound respect to mother earth. The religious life of Bhunjia is very simple. They believe in many Gods and Goddesses (46 deities) who are worshipped in different months on different ritual occasions. Budharaja and Sunadei are the main God and Goddesses of this tribe. Sunadei Festival is the main festival in which they worship Sunadei Goddess on the day following Vijaya Dasami. They speak Baiga language. According to some historians, they are a branch of Halbas of Bastar district of Chhatisgarh, who had fled from Baster due to their quarrel with Dhakars.