Bondas are one of the most primitive tribes found in Khairput Block of Malkangiri District. They are known by themselves as “Remo” which means “Man”. They have their own “Remo” language having no script. This belongs to Mundari group of language. Bondas live in the mountain and hilly ranges covering abut 50Sq. miles (Approx230Sq. k.m.) will known as Bonda Hills . Selection of Spouses are left completely to the choice of the children. Their important festivals are Pausa Parba (Pus Arke), Magh Parba (Susu Gige), Chait Parba(Giag-gige), Dashara Parba (Kumbada gige) celebrated in the Oriya months of Pausa, Magha, Chaitra and Aswina respectively. They drink salap juice, mohua liquor and wines brewed locally from pulp of mango, jack fruit, kusuma mohua flower molasses etc. The Bonda houses are individual two roomed grass thatched huts with some enclosure either in the front or round it. The main occupation of the Bondas is agriculture and collection of forest produce