These communities are mostly found in Patnagarh, Belpada, Balangir, Deogaon, Agalpur, Turekela, Loisingha and Puintala blocks of Balangir District. This tribe is a branch of Kolanjan family. Traditionally, they are interacting in ‘Saura ‘language, but now they are using’ odia’ in their daily life. They are adept in art, paintings and craft. Pictures of mundane life of the Sahara are the themes of paintings. They use trees, tribal people and animals as their motifs in geometrical shapes on tussar silks.Sometimes, they use these kind of motifs are also used on the walls of their houses. These communities are mostly daily labourers and migrating to outside for their livelihood. In seasonal times, they are collecting minor forest produce from the jungle and keeping livestock in their home. They used to worship Sabari Naren,Sabar Budhaand their priest is ‘Buyya.’