DAL :-

      These tribes are smaller group comprising of 1000 population approximately and found in Muribahal and Khaprakhol blocks of Balangir District. Traditionally they are using ‘Kui’ as their mother tongue but, now they speak in ‘odia’.They are also landless people and work as wage labourers and migrating to outside to earn their bread and butter. They follow Hindus in worship and believe ‘Narsinghamahaprabhu’ as their deity. They are observing various festivals like; Nuakhai, Puspuni, Dusserah, and Dalkhai. These communities are also depending upon forest for their livelihood and rear livestock in their household to add to their income. They believe in own caste marriage and there is no question of inter-caste marriage and dowry is also prohibited. They are also fund of keeping birds and animals in their household to meet exigencies. The communities in charge of Lord Harishankar in Balangir District also belong to Dal community.