These communities are otherwise known as Binjwars are also found in Patnagarh,Khaprakhol,Puintala and Turekela blocks of Balangir District.Previously,They are using ‘Binjhua’ as their language to interact with others, but now they are using ‘odia’ as their way of communication. They are hard working peopleAs they are landless peoples, they are working as daily labourers to earn their daily bread and in the off season, they are migrating with their families to outside for their livelihood. Some are keeping birds and animals in their house to support them in emergencies and also collect NTFPs from the nearby forest to maintain their daily life. They used to worship ‘Bindhyabasini’ as their deity and observing Bindhyabasini Yatra with full vigor and vitality. Their system of marriage was done in own caste samaj as per traditional custom.