Kondhas are one of the largest group of tribes in the region. They are largely found in Koraput, Semiliguda, Pottangi, Nandapur, Lamtaput, Dashmantpur, Laxmipur, Narayanpatna, Bandhugaon and Kundra block of this district. Traditionally it is believed that the name Kondha is derived from the telugu word ‘Konda’ which means hill. It also signifies that Kondhas were mostly found in the highland regions and Koraput which is at a higher altitude houses a large population of them. Chaitra Parab celebrated during the sowing period and Meriah or Kedu festival observed during the month of February – March are some of their important celebrations. The women folks in this tribal group are adorned with many ornaments while the men folks are minimally dressed with a loin cloth. The Kondhas till very recent had the practice of human sacrifice which was later substituted by a buffalo and this continues now.